"The only real lawyers are trial lawyers, and trial lawyers try cases to juries"

- Clarence Darrow

Simply put, not all lawyers are created equal. Some lawyers don't like to try cases, they only want to settle them. How will you know if you are getting fair value for your claim if you don't hire an experienced trial lawyer ? Insurance companies know the difference between the real trial lawyers who know the value of a case if it goes to trial and those attorneys that don't want to put in the time and just want a quick settlement. Over the last 10 years or so, I have noticed a trend in those cases with higher value and more serious injuries. It is only after I have filed suit, done the discovery and the insurance company realizes that a jury trial is looming that I finally get what I know to be the fair value of a case. That is why it is so important that you know the history of the attorney you hire before you sign a contract for legal services. For your own good, take the time to find out the experience of the specific attorney who will be handling your case. With a large firm you often have no idea exactly who will be handling your case, perhaps until it is too late to do anything about it. With The Advocate, you know what experience you are getting, and the fee you will be paying, from day one. Why not get the most experience your money can buy?

Here are some of the results Mr. Dargis has personally obtained for his clients ...


  • A $2,500,000 verdict for an accountant against the City of Chicago in a reverse discrimination case where the accountant was fired because he was white.  Discrimination is Discrimination. The jury agreed.
  • $6,250,000 verdict in a medical negligence case involving a brain damaged child who died at the age of three. Physicians involved in the care and treatment of the child’s mother before birth had failed to diagnose HELLP syndrome during her pregnancy with catastrophic consequences for the child. This verdict caused a Judgment in excess of the Physicians’ policy limits to be entered against them. A “Bad Faith” failure to settle case was instituted against the Physicians’ insurance carrier, ISMIE. 25 other excess verdicts were discovered against other ISMIE insured physicians and a punitive damage claim, the first ever against ISMIE, was also instituted by Mr. Dargis against the Insurance carrier. That case was tried in November 2016, and resulted in a $15 million dollar verdict against the insurance company !
  • $1,250,000 settlement in a Medical Negligence case involving two pathologists who failed to recognize signet ring cancer cells when examining biopsy samples of stomach tissue. Becoming familiar with pathologic diagnosis and the nature of signet ring cancer cells was critical to a favorable resolution of this tragic Wrongful Death case.
  • $600,000 settlement for a construction worker who rolled his motorized lift into a hole at a construction site and then fell 20 feet to the concrete floor below, sustaining multiple fractures. This result was paid from several entities responsible for maintaining this worker’s job site. Managing both the third party claim against the general contractor while simultaneously pursuing the Worker’s Compensation case allowed for the most favorable financial outcome for this painter.
  • $844,000 Jury Verdict for a 28-year-old woman injured in a car accident. She sustained multiple fractures while traveling as a passenger in her husband’s car when another driver turned left in front of them. Because the other driver had little insurance coverage, convincing the jury that most of the responsibility for this accident fell upon her husband was the real challenge in this case. Both the client and her husband were quite pleased with the outcome.
  • $732,000 Jury Verdict after a hard fought trial for an elderly east Indian pedestrian who was hit by a car while crossing a street on the north side of Chicago. The insurance company representing the driver of the car refused to settle before trial, resulting in a “bad faith” claim being made and litigated against the insurance company following this verdict.
  • $1,013,000 Jury Verdict in Will County to a young lady in a product liability case after she was injured when a shelf holding merchandise collapsed. Poor welding of the steel-shelving unit proved to be the culprit which left this woman with a permanent and quite debilitating knee injury. This is believed to be the record high verdict for a knee injury in Will County, Illinois.
  • $500,000 and $750,000 settlements in two different Medical Negligence cases involving children who were stillborn at birth. One case involved a high-risk twin pregnancy while the other case concerned an attempted vacuum extraction at birth by the physician.
  • Automobile manufactures are known to fight product liability cases tooth and nail. Mr. Dargis has successfully completed several of these very technically challenging cases. Two separate Product Liability cases against Mitsubishi Motors Corporation involving failed ball joints on different vehicles were settled by Mr. Dargis before trial. One case involved a young lady returning home from a Halloween party when she suddenly lost steering control of her car and was pulled into oncoming traffic at approximately 45 mph. She sustained multiple injuries and fractures to her lower extremities. The second case involved a guard with the Illinois Department of Corrections who was leaving Stateville Prison in Joliet after completing his shift when his car suddenly veered off the road and struck a utility pole. He suffered a severe fracture to his lower leg. The amounts of these very favorable settlements with Mitsubishi in these cases remain confidential at the request of Mitsubishi because they were so substantial.
  • Another favorable settlement was reached against General Motors Corporation on behalf of a young lady who was blinded in one eye when an air bag went off, striking her in the face after a low impact rear-end collision. The amount of this successful settlement also remains confidential, again at GM's request because it was so substantial.
  • Another favorable settlement was reached against General Motors Corporation on behalf of a young lady who was blinded in one eye when an air bag went off, striking her in the face after a low impact rear-end collision. The amount of this successful settlement also remains confidential, again at GM's request because it was so substantial.
  • $350,000 settlement on behalf of an elderly woman who sustained multiple injuries in an automobile accident, the most significant of which was a “closed head” injury to her brain. The development of testimony through appropriate medical professionals was most important in achieving this favorable outcome.
  • $1,750,000 settlement for a suburban attorney who sustained a brain injury in a head on collision with a telephone company van. This lawyer’s practice was substantially curtailed after this tragic accident. The confidence shown by this injured attorney in this firm and the ultimate result speaks volumes about our competence.
  • A very significant settlement was achieved in a complex product liability and wrongful death case involving a worker who was asphyxiated by nitrogen gas that was used in the cocoa manufacturing process at the Blommer Chocolate Company in Chicago. The settlement with various defendants who supplied manufacturing components to Blommer for use in their cocoa production system remains confidential.